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Kennziffer: S463192

Werkstudent Office Manager (m/w/d)

We are a engineering company with a focus on Image Analysis projects. We create Machine Learning-based tools for researchers to efficiently gain insights from microscopy images. These tools are used by Brain Researchers to discover the inner structure the mammalian brains as well as Medical Researchers to develop new treatments. In addition to our Image Analysis work, we also create Chatbots for Fortune 500 companies in order to automate customer care and business processes.
We are headquartered in Potsdam. The company is built and funded by graduates from the Hasso Plattner Institute.

About this role
As Office Manager, you will help us run everything internal smoothly and improve team culture. Your tasks will be to support our day-to-day operations and create a pleasant office environment for the team to be productive and happy. The spectrum of your work will be very broad, from number-heavy tasks, such as bookkeeping and invoicing, to responsibilities that require creativity and empathy, like organizing team events and offsites.
Working student, 16-20h per week

About you
- You are not afraid to take on responsibilities and make decisions on your own because you apply common sense to all your tasks.
- You like working things through in detail but you are not hamstrung by being a perfectionist.
- You work pro-actively and independently and you constantly aim to improve the processes you are working on.
- You like dealing with people and you don’t mind pushing them a bit to do what they are supposed to.
- You have ideas and opinions of your own and are not afraid to voice them.
- You speak German on native-level and you are fluent in English.

Things you will do
Even though this role contains several smaller tasks, we want you to take responsibility for your own bigger projects:

- Bookkeeping and Payroll: You will prepare the monthly bookkeeping for our tax accountant, provide them with all relevant information regarding the payroll and make sure everybody gets paid in time.
- Organize Team Events and Offsites: Regular team events are an integral part of our team culture. Past events range from boat tours, laser tag games, poker nights, trampoline workouts to garden bbq sessions. Additionally, we do team offsites in remote locations. You help us organize these events, find cool locations and contribute creative activities for the next events.
- Office Management: You will be responsible for making the office a place that everybody is productive and likes to work in. You will also coordinate with the facility management and cleaning staff.
- Customer Operations: You help our customer team with the vendor setup, you write our invoices and make sure they get paid.